Fraunhofer Graduate Research School of Applied Photonics

The Fraunhofer Insititute of Applied Optics and Precision Engineering and the Institute of Applied Physics of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena act in a strategic partnership in the framework of the

»Fraunhofer High Performance Center Photonics«.

The High Performance Center develops innovative solutions with light for important emerging fields and supports their realization and application in science, economy and society. The High Performance Center links application-oriented research and innovation with scientifically excellent fundamental research for tailoring light – beginning from the generation, manipulation to the application.

The Fraunhofer Graduate High Performance Center Research School for Applied Photonics is currently established in Jena and comprises the following topics:

  • optical instrumentation from EUV to MIR in the areas biology and environment
  • manipulation, preparation and conditioning of organic and anorganic micro- and nanoparticles with light
  • core technologies for optical instrumentation: micro and nanoopics, micro-fluidics and smart sensing
  • fiber lasers and their applications
  • highly dynamic sensors
  • projection and imaging systems of the next generation

The Fraunhofer Graduate Research School for Applied Photonics investigates the following topics

  • imaging with scattering media
  • wave optic of transparent non-scattering media
  • advanced non-classical imaging algorithms
  • light scattering characterization of biological materials
  • additive manufacturing of glass
  • structural analysis in additive lightweight construction
  • high speed surface acquisition of transparent partial-reflecting objects HighSpeed Deflectometry
  • development and realization of novel fiber designs for high power fiber lasers
  • induced strain during nano structuring
  • smooth ALD metallic surfaces and reflectors