Prospective students in the Master's degree program can apply for the following scholarships:

ASP Scholarships from the Free State of Thuringia

International students wishing to obtain the M.Sc. Photonics degree at the Abbe School of Photonics can apply for one of our scholarships during the regular application procedure. These scholarships are based on criteria of academic excellence and are granted for 24 months, thus covering the entire two-year Master's degree program time period. We offer scholarships that comprise a stipend of 400...800 Euro per month and additional German language courses. Approximately 10 scholarships are available per year. German students are not eligible for this scholarship scheme. To apply for one of these scholarships, just mark your interest within your personal application at our online application system. In doing so, two letters of recommendation must be presented in addition to the regular personal data.


German scholarships (Deutschlandstipendien)

All students who are either

  • already in Jena, are enrolled at the Master's degree program in Photonics and have received their first university transcript, or
  • are admitted for studies within the Master's degree program in Photonics for the upcoming academic year

may also apply for a German scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium). Thus, you may apply for this kind of scholarship at an early stage of your photonics studies, even from abroad. Awardees with prospects of excellent study results will receive financial support of 300 € per month for a duration of at least one year. For more information, and to raise your chances for being awarded this kind of scholarship, please contact the ASP administration team.

Scholarships for Chinese applicants (CSC Master scholarships)

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) provides full scholarships for Chinese applicants holding a Bachelor's degree and working at Chinese civil service, non-profit organization or higher vocational school for 12-24 months. These scholarship are fully compatible with a study of Photonics at ASP in Germany. Applicants should be nominated by their Chinese employer. Fresh graduates from Chinese universities may also apply for the CSC scholarship for Master's study which is available for selected areas. Nomination by the home university is also required in this case. There are constantly deadlines all over the academic year to apply for CSC stipends online.

If you consider a CSC application, please get more information at the CSC website and contact the ASP administration team.

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