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Instructions for abstract submission

Your submission for DoKDoK should contain a one-page abstract submitted as a .zip file. Inside the .zip file, you must include a PDF version of your abstract as well as the Word document or the LaTeX sources (including all pictures). The purpose of this paper is to give the reader a quick introduction into your topic. Keep in mind that most of the audience will not be specialists in your field of research.

Please use one of the following templates to prepare your submission. These templates also include a few notes for the paper, which are mainly:

  • The abstract should not exceed one page and should give a brief overview on the research topic you will be presenting at DoKDoK, including a short introduction,
  • All successful papers will be compiled into a booklet and handed out to all visitors of DoKDoK,
  • Only papers including a PDF file as well as the source document will be accepted.

The template is available for LaTeX as well as for MS Word and can be downloaded here:

Abstract Template LaTeX (.tex)

Abstract Template MS Word (.docx)


Please use the form below to submit your paper to DoKDoK. The scientific committee will judge your submission on the basis of the submitted paper. Submissions can only be accepted if they are in the appropriate format - please use the provided templates. Moreover, make sure that your paper is free of typos as we will only accept resubmissions in exceptional cases.

Upon notification of the acceptance of your paper you will be able to register for the attendance to DoKDoK. Please note that at least one author of a paper has to register for the conference. We are proud and thankful to be supported by a variety of sponsors and institutes, which will carry most of the costs for on-site accommodation and food.

If you encounter errors during the process, please write an email to .


Authors are required to write an original abstract that fulfills accepted criteria for copyright purposes. Accepted abstracts will be published in the DoKDoK Proceedings, both in print and electronically.

By submitting an abstract, all authors attest that the abstract submitted has not been previously published elsewhere. If an author chooses to submit information from an abstract that has previously been presented and/or published, all data must be updated, current, and rewritten in a manner that does not infringe on copyright laws. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to include any copyrighted material in their abstract presentations.


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