Autumn School

Stay a little bit longer! This year the Abbe School of Photonic's Autumn School will follow up DoKDoK on the 10th and 11th October 2013. Here a selection of additional skills seminars will be offered to you:

  • Scientific Writing
  • Time and Self-Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Scientific Poster

Detailed course descriptions can be found below.

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The Autumn School will also take place in the Ringberghotel in Suhl. You can find more information here. We will take care of the reservation, however, contrary to DoKDoK, the over night accommodation is not included in the offer.


You are able to register latest 23rd September 2013 for the Autumn School with the DoKDoK registration form, which can be found under Registration. Just mark your desired additional skill courses.

Course descriptions

Time and Self-Management
October 10th, 1 pm, 0,5 days, max. 12 participants
When it comes to organizing their work, students face the same problems as, for example, people working in management. In this module they are provided with an introduction to different approaches to time and self-management. This includes analyzing one's personal effectiveness by identifying time wasters and learning how to keep an activity log. Students are taught how to set work priorities by classifying their goals and arranging them in 4 categories resulting from different combinations of urgency and importance (Eisenhower principle). They learn how to set up action plans and prioritized to-do-lists, and are introduced to the rules for effective scheduling. The students are shown how to tackle the time wasters they have identified in the beginning and are given a quick introduction to Speed Reading.

Instructor: Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross

Konzeption, Gestaltung und Präsentation wissenschaftlicher Poster
October 10th, 1 pm, 0,5 days, max. 12 participants
Wissenschaftliche Poster bieten die Möglichkeit, eigene Forschungsarbeiten und Ergebnisse zu präsentieren. Durch eine gezielte Darstellung wesentlicher Aspekte der eigenen Arbeit soll ein Poster Aufmerksamkeit wecken und somit den Austausch mit anderen Wissenschaftlern anregen und unterstützen.
Im Workshop werden wir praxisnah die Grundprinzipien der Postererstellung erarbeiten und die zu beachtenden inhaltlichen und gestalterischen Kriterien diskutieren. Dabei werden wir uns sowohl mit der Gesamtkonzeption und Inhaltsauswahl beschäftigen als auch mit Möglichkeiten für eine aussagekräftige Visualisierung der wissenschaftlichen Ergebnisse.
Für die Vorstellung Ihres Posters im Rahmen von Posterpräsentationen haben Sie oft nur wenige Minuten. Ihr Auftreten kann dabei viel zum Erfolg beitragen. Wir werden daher im Workshop gemeinsam Kriterien für eine erfolgreiche Posterpräsentation erarbeiten. 
Bitte bringen Sie zu dem Workshop einen Posterentwurf bzw. eine erste Idee für Ihr Poster mit. Im Workshop werden wir gemeinsam Ihre Posterideen und -entwürfe weiterentwickeln.
Instructor: Dr. Kathrin Carl, Servicestelle LehreLernen, FSU Jena
(this course will be offered in German language, simultaneous interpreting will be available)

Scientific Writing
October 11th, 9 am, 1 day, max. 12 participants
When students are confronted with having to write a scientific paper, be it their thesis or later a piece of work for a journal or conference, they are often insecure as to what would be the best way to do this. Profound knowledge about the rules that are relevant for scientific writing can help prevent many mistakes and promote the project's success.
This module consists of a detailed lecture, as well as practical exercises. The following issues are dealt with: how to adjust your work to a specific target group (audience), general structure of a paper with detailed explanations as to the purpose of each element and its realisation, i.e. the title, abstract, keywords, introduction, related works, body of the paper, the style, fonts and layout, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements, and tables.
The last part of the lecture deals with the process of publishing a paper: rules for submitting a manuscript, dealing with the reviewers' comments etc.
Instructor: Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross

Leadership Skills
October 11th, 9 am, 1 day, max. 12 participants
This course is providing basic theoretical and practical knowledge concerning leadership in projects and teams. Interactive exercises will help you to understand more about yourself being in a "leading" or "led" position. You will learn more about the driving forces (motivation), decision making and negotiating as valuable skills for any leader.
In discussions and exercises you will look at different leadership types and also learn about your own talents and behaviors regarding leadershop. You will practice various communication skills as active listening, paraphrasing, reflecting, constructive feedback and dealing with conflicts.
Instructor: Peter Wagner, Kleist-Wagner Projekt | Team | Training | Beratung