We are proud and thankful to have support of the following organizations:

If you also want to support DoKDoK, feel free to contact the organizers to discuss options. There are many ways in which you could contribute to the success of DoKDoK - besides a general sponsorship, you could support specific sessions or events such as the conference reception or dinner. We would be happy to hand out your pamphlets or something similar. Any support is appropriate and welcome but of course we are happy to discuss typical values with you, should you feel uncertain.

    BMBF                DAAD                       Zeiss          

     IOF                   IPHT               HIJ       

     Layertec             QD-LOT             AFS     

    AHF          asphericon            jena-optronik      

     OSA             Thorlabs             LIMO         

          Jenoptik                eagleyard