ASP Autumn School

For those that do not want to go home or back to the lab on Thursday noon, we offer another full day of workshops in Eisenach. The workshops are free, but you will have to pay for your accommodation and catering (50 € extra).

The number of participants is limited to 20 - first come, first serve.

Workshop 1: Prof. Tilman Reitz - Science Sociology

THU afternoon (14:00-18:00)
  1. Epistemology and academic practice: Basic vs. applied science
    Is basic science under threat by applied science?
    Does this division still hold or is it merely a historic

  2. Commodification of Research
      Are economic goals dominating scientific research nowadays?
    How much do they affect scientific autonomy?
    How could this trend be explained?

  3. Scientific peer pressure: third-party funding, peer reviews, conformism
      Where does the rise in scientific competition come from?
    What are its effects?

Workshop 2: asphericon - Utilizing Aspheres

FRI morning (9:00-12:30)

  • General introduction to aspheric optics
  • Fabrication principles & challenges
  • Recommendations for fabrication- and cost-optimized design of aspheres
  • Application of special aspheres (acylinders and axicon)
  • Current trends and developments (freeform optics)