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Down below you find the preliminary program and other information concerning the conference. Additional announcements regarding keynote lectures and sessions will follow soon. Please check this page regularly for updates or sign up for the newsletter to stay informed.

Preliminary Program


Oral Presentation

Your presentation time will be 20 minutes for your talk and additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion. We will provide a laptop which supports .pptx and .pdf files, as well as a VGA port for your own laptop. Your presentation must be uploaded prior to your session.


There will be an additional poster presentation before the actual poster session. Every attendee is asked to present his poster within two minutes with two slides in the Poster Presentation Session. These slides have to be submitted as .pdf file with the form below latest 2nd October 2015.

The poster boards are available throughout the whole conference time to provide room for enhanced discussions. Please make sure to display your poster as soon as possible, latest before the poster session on Monday. We expect an A0 size, Portrait format for the poster presentation and two slides with a standard 4:3 landscape PowerPoint or pdf format for the pitch talks. There are no fixed templates for the poster. Push pins or magnets will be provided.

Upload your Slides here!


botti   Prof. Dr. Silvana Botti is a professor of solid state physics at the university of Jena. She received her PhD in 2002 in Italy, worked 12 years as a post-doc and research team leader in France and was called as professor in 2014. We are very excited to hear about her successfuljourney through academia, from PhD candidate to full professor in Germany and her overall experience of this job.


Dr. Leonie Mück received her PhD at the Graduate School for Material Science at Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz. She has proven to be a gifted researcher, winning an award for her outstanding dissertation in the field of Quantum Chemistry.

Dr. Mück now works as an editor for Nature Publishing Group where her areas of responsibility include Pure and Applied Physics.


Dr. Carola Heinzel received her PhD in Physical Chemistry and is a Senior Consultant specialized on Logistics and SAP. She has worked with numerious consulting groups  and supports a variety of companies, some of which work on a global scale.

In her talk she will share some of the experience she has made in her field und with different kinds of people.


Prof. Michael Rüb worked as a project leader in research & developement at Infineon Technologies in Austria for more than 10 years before returning to academia as a professor the SciTec department at the University of Applied Sciences Jena

Social Day

For our social day we first visit the "Automobile Welt Eisenach", a museum that provides a 100 years of overview over the car industry in Eisenach. After that, we visit the medival castle of Wartburg, where Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible into German. Finally, we will have more time for socializing at dinner in the restaurant "Augustiner Bräu Eisenach" in town!
Photo: Robert Scarth