Application of multicolor holograms in the lab.

Workshop on Structured Light and its applications

Virtual meeting organized by the Institute of Applied Physics
Application of multicolor holograms in the lab.
Image: Thomas Ernstling/ Gruner & Jahr.
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The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is organizing a two-day workshop on structured light and its applications. The workshop aims to foster exhange of ideas and disseminate the state of the art in the field of structured light. By including different aspects of the vast field of structured light, the goal is to provide a comprehensive view on this exciting field, to nurture new ideas by the meeting of specialists in different sub-fields, and eventually to pave the way to new collaborations between researchers with complementary expertise. 

The workshop is intended both for established and young researchers -PhD students, early stage researchers and highly motivated Master students- who want either learn how to exploit all the degrees of freedom of a light beam for their own research or to find new ideas to pursue along their academic career. 



Registration is free and possible until September 10th 2022, either through the QR code or using this linkpdf, 171 kb.


Andrea Alù (CUNY, USA) - Plenary Talk                                                                                            Alessandro Alberucci (University Jena, Germany)                                                                      Jeroen Beeckman (UGhent, Belgium)                                                                                            Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus (EPFL, Switzerland)                                                                  Andrea Blanco-Redondo (Nokia Bell Labs, USA)                                                                Jennifer Dionne (Stanford, USA)                                                                                              Natalia Litchinitser (Duke University, USA)                                                                                        Lorenzo Marrucci (University Jena, Germany)                                                                          Stefan Nolte (University Jena, Germany)                                                                                          Thomas Pertsch (University Jena, Germany) 


Jisha Chandroth Pannian (University Jena, Germany)                                                                    Stefan Nolte (University Jena, Germany)                                                                                    Alessandro Alberucci (University Jena, Germany) 


Jisha Chandroth Pannian 

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