Conference by Organizing Committee of POM

"2nd Photonics Online Meetup (POM)"

Digital photonics conference

25.06.2020 09:00am

The second Photonics Online Meetup (POM 2020 June Meeting) will be on June 22 and 25, 2020:

POM is an entirely free virtual conference. The initial mission of POM was to provide everyone access to the latest technical photonics
advances while reducing the family burden and carbon footprint of
conference travel, the cost of conference participation. Lately, especially due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it has become more important
than ever to promote novel methods of disseminating scientific knowledge without physical contact.

This second edition of POM will feature a single conference session on three topics (Biophotonics, Light-Matter interactions, and A.I. & Photonics), as well as a virtual poster session (not limited in topic area).