Recreation room established 


Recently the GRK installed a recreation room (Eltern-Kind-Zimmer) specifically for GRK parents and children in the coordinators office. This room provides an undisturbed, child-friendly working place that can be used in cases of child care closing times or child sickness. Besides a workstation it is equipped with relevant baby care items, play mat, books, toys and other things to keep kids from few months to school age occupied. The equipment was partly financed by the equal opportunity funds of the GRK and partly provided by private donations. 

The first young users seemed to agree with the offer and enjoyed their day at work that much, that they didn’t want to leave. 

Eltern-Kind-Zimmer GRK 2101

The first guests approved the equipment.

Eltern-Kind-Zimmer GRK 2101_

Photos: ASP