Summer School 2018 in Montréal 


In June 2018 the German and Canadian parts of the GRK 2101 met in Montréal for the 3. International Summer School. The scientific reports from all projects were presented within the framework of the 20th Photonics North Conference which was held from June 5-7, 2018 in Montréal during a special Create / GRK session. Overall 16 students presented their latest results in front of more than 90 visitors. Additionally 8 students showed their projects on posters during the according poster session. During dinner after the conference connections from the last meeting in 2017 were revived and progress was discussed.


On the following day the group visited the local industry partner MPB Communications which is active in telecommunication business but also provides equipment for the current space missions. Students were impressed about the variety of products and services basing on photonic technology. In the following the group was invited to the Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications - Institut national de la recherche scientifique  (EMT-INRS) where lab tours introduced the students to the ongoing works of the Canadian PIs Luca Razzari, Roberto Morandotti and François Légaré. Between the lab tours and the public talk of Prof. Andreas Tünnermann there was plenty time to discuss future collaborations and joint links between projects. After the visit the entire group moved outside Montréal to St. Hyacinthe to evade the circus emanating from the Grand Prix of Montréal (Formula One) and the G7 meeting.

The following days were filled with several training elements for the students. Starting from a lecture series about Quantum technology to lectures in social entrepreneurship and survival in the academic world the students gained a broad and much valued input which hopefully will further enable them to perform their work and pursue their career in Science or Industry.


Aside from the main event the PIs of the both research training groups met for strategic discussions and the planning of the upcoming events to strengthen the collaborations.

Many thanks for the really successful meeting to the Canadian colleagues and especially to François Légaré! Merci!


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summer school 2018

Photo: ASP