Spielmann, Christian

Prof. Dr. Christian Spielmann

Research areas

Prof. Spielmann's research of is focused on the generation and application of ultra-short pulses from the infrared to the x-ray regions, including:

  • novel aproaches for supercontinuum generation
  • nonlinear optics in nano-structured materials at IR and mid-IR wavelengths
  • approaches for enhanced laser absorption to realize extreme states of matter
  • lenless imaging such as ptychography and ghost imaging in the XUV

Teaching fields

Prof. Spielmann's lectures center on:

  • atomic and molecular physics
  • fundamentals of modern photonics
  • XUV and x-ray optics
  • modern methods of spectroscopy

Research methods

The equipment of Prof. Spielmann's laboratories allows for studying the structural dynamics of atomic and solid systems as well as imaging nanostructures:

  • applying novel hollow core waveguided for nonlinear spectral broadening in the UV to the mid-IR spectral range
  • nonlinear absorption studies in nanostructured materials ranging from multiphoton to tunnelung regime
  • laser-based time-resolved XUV spectroscopy for studying the electron transport in 2D materials
  • setup for high resolution lensless XUV imaging in reflection and transmission geometry to study nanostructured materials including biological samples

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