M. Wimmer and U. Peschel, "Observation of Time Reversed Light Propagation by an Exchange of Eigenstates," Sci. Rep. 8, 2125 (2018).


As time flow dictates all evolution, its effective reversal is a topic of active research in a broad range of disciplines, including acoustics, hydrodynamics and optics. This multifarious set of environments is reflected by a great diversity of approaches to observe various echoes of wave functions. Here, we experimentally demonstrate time reversal of a pulse sequence propagating through a photonic mesh lattice realized by two coupled loops of telecommunication fibres. Our system features a symmetric band structure, which allows for almost perfect reversal of its evolution by exchanging the population between two opposing bands. The protocol applied is based on a non-adiabatic and instantaneous exchange of eigenstates resulting in highly efficient time reversal of a pulse chain.