Prof. Dr. Oren COHEN

Professor at the Department of Physics at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in Haifa

Oren Cohen, Professor at the Department of Physics at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) in Haifa, is visiting the Abbe Center and Abbe School of Photonics in 2020. The lectures given during his stay will be announced in due time.

The Cohen group is exploring several topics including 1) Generation and application of ultra-short extreme UV pulses through high harmonic generation, 2) structure-based super-resolution in imaging, diagnostics of ultra-short pulses and spectroscopy, 3) long-lived optically-induced atmospheric waveguides and 4) spatio-temporal solitons. Ongoing research includes:

  • We have been developing sources of extreme ultraviolet pulses with attosecond to femtosecond duration (femto and atto correspond to 10-15¬†and 10-18, respectively) and with fully controllable polarization. We employ these unique sources for exploring ultrafast dynamics in magnetism, chirality, and of charge and spin currents in atoms, molecules and solids.
  • Progress in super-resolution microscopy (the topic of the 2014 Nobel Prize in chemistry) has been pushing forward many fields in science, medicine and technology. While proliferation of super-resolution techniques have been established, they all suffer from relatively long acquisition time (~0.1 seconds) that also limits the imaging temporal resolution. We develop ultrafast super-resolution microscopy!
  • We discovered, explore, and employ long-lived optically-induced atmospheric waveguides.

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