Abdullaev, Fatkhulla

Abdullaev_Fatkhulla_web100Fatkhulla Kh. Abdullaev, Visiting professor, Institute of theoretical physics, UNESP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, is visiting the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy as an ASP Visiting Professor in December 2012. During his stay he will give one lecture on December 5th. 

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The solution of a random Kepler problem and application of these results to the evolution of optical solitons under random perturbations, prediction of optical analogue of Anderson localization in arrays of optical waveguides with random parameters, prediction of discrete breathers in BEC in optical lattices, parametric resonances in modulational instability in fibers with periodic parameters, arrest of collapse of BEC with management of the atomic scattering length in time, solitons in PT symmetric nonlinear media. F.Kh. Abdullaev collaborate with leading scientists in the world(Italy, Germany, USA, Portugal, France, Greece, Malaysia, Brazil) on the nonlinear wave phenomena in optical and atomic (Bose-Einstein condensate) systems. Results of joint investigations are published in international referred journals and presented on international conferences as invited talks. He give also consultations for PhD students in Denmark, Brazil, Malaysia,Uzbekistan. F.Kh. Abdullaev is world known scientists in the region of theory of nonlinear waves, optical solitons and theory of nonlinear matter-waves in atomic systems. 

Course 1: Optical Solitons in Parity-Time Symmetric Systems

The existence and stability of optical solitons in the systems with parity-time symmetric potentials are investigated.
The media with the Kerr and  quadratic nonlinearities are considered.

Date:  Dec. 5th, 14:15
Place: Helmholtzweg 4, Seminar Room 5