M.Sc. Photonics

The Master of Science in Photonics (M. Sc.) is a Master's degree course providing multidisciplinary coverage in the field of optics and photonics. The two year program comprises four educational stages and the course schedule ranges from fundamental subjects and  upstream scientific aspects in the engineering field along with relevant and important business courses. Students enrolled in the two-year program receive dedicated tutorial support and are trained for technical and scientific positions in industry and academia.



The Master's degree program has been established by funding of the European Union, including the European leading centers of optics education from the UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Finland. The program is designed to incorporate students of different backgrounds and nationalities and provides them with a solid knowledge in optics for scientific research and for its technological applications in industry.

International studies also for outgoing German students

Once enrolled, German students have the chance to spend up to one year of their studies abroad. The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy sustains a large network of reputed partner universities all over Europe who offer various study slots for students, both M.Sc.Photonics and M.Sc. Physics. These exchanges are coordinated by Prof. Malte Kaluza and the Erasmus Program. Erasmus stays abroad are further financially supported by fellowships from the European Union.