We are sorry to say that all university laboratories are currently closed for most students. Thus, most of the ongoing experiments have been suspended for the time being. However, if you are in the final phase of a laboratory work, e.g. internship or Master's degree thesis, your supervisors are advised to offer to you flexible and intelligent solutions to work in the lab. Please address your supervisors on this.

If you are only at the start of an internship or Master's degree work, try to actively and politely approach your supervisors, and be insistent. You could ask them, for example, whether you could start your projects now using scientific literature available online, by performing data analysis, by writing a code... try to readjust your topic with your supervisors such that at least parts can be done from home. Thus, many of the research projects may concentrate on theory, simulations, or data evaluation.

All supervisors are aware of the situation and are very willing to find flexible solutions and to adapt the research projects accordingly.