C. Further advice for students

show Content C1. As a student, what else can I do?

Even if it does not feel like regular studying, there are a lot of things you can and should do now:

  • Despite social distancing, try to keep your social contacts alive! Try to make up the social distancing with online tools. Establish new social habits and platforms!
  • Make an effort to form study teams of at least three students, meet (online) regularly.
  • Set up your electronic communication hardware (internet connection, headphones, camera). Make sure to have a replacement in case something breaks.
  • Familiarize yourself with and register with the multiple online teaching and meeting platforms, e.g. DFNconf, Friedolin, Moodle, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, and of course, Zoom or Skype – try to become proficient users already at the start of the lectures!
  • Help each others in teams! Communicate electronically with your friends before teaching starts.

Most importantly: Let us and others know if you have any problems! Make sure no one feels isolated, help and contact each other. This is a time where we all should stand even closer together than before.

show Content C2. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Students facing any technical issues regarding the tools and software platforms which ASP uses during the digital teaching sessions can contact our ASP digital teaching task force by writing an email to . We will try to answer all emails, and of course, react to unforeseen problems. When contacting us, please provide your full name, which semester you are in, and - if applicable - which lecture of module your request is related to, as well as the name of the professor giving the course.

For questions with regard to a specific or topical aspect of an individual lecture or course, please refer directly to the responsible professor. Moreover, our ASP Master coordinator Dr. Dorit Schmidt is, just as before the pandemic, always at your disposal with her support and advice.