C1. As a student, what else can I do?

Even if it does not feel like regular studying, there are a lot of things you can and should do now:

  • Despite social distancing, try to keep your social contacts alive! Try to make up the social distancing with online tools. Establish new social habits and platforms!
  • Make an effort to form study teams of at least three students, meet (online) regularly.
  • Set up your electronic communication hardware (internet connection, headphones, camera). Make sure to have a replacement in case something breaks.
  • Familiarize yourself with and register with the multiple online teaching and meeting platforms, e.g. DFNconf, Friedolin, Moodle, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, and of course, Zoom or Skype – try to become proficient users already at the start of the lectures!
  • Help each others in teams! Communicate electronically with your friends before teaching starts.

Most importantly: Let us and others know if you have any problems! Make sure no one feels isolated, help and contact each other. This is a time where we all should stand even closer together than before.