A 4. What is meant by "Native Language/Bilingual", "Medium of Instruction", or "English as a Foreign Language"?

We regard strong language skills as a crucial prerequisite for our Master of Science in Photonics program. Since the terms "Native language/Bilingual", "Medium of Instruction" and "English as a foreign language" are the basis for your application, we would like to clarify their definitions. Please take your own situation and background into careful consideration before choosing the option which applies to you.

Native Language/Bilingual: If English is your first language (mother tongue), you are a native speaker. If English is one of 2 or more of your first languages, you are bilingual.

Medium of Instruction: If your previous academic education (e.g., at university) has been conducted entirely in the English language, we consider English to be the "Medium of Instruction" within the scope of your academic career. In this case, please provide us with proof of this, for example an official letter from the Registrar's Office of your university or with a note to this effect on your Transcript of Records. Please note: Statements of attendance to language courses offered by your university or claiming that your pre-academic education (e.g., in school) was offered in English are not sufficient proof for the option "Medium of Instruction".

English as Foreign Language: In all cases not covered above, English is regarded as a foreign language. This includes: if you grew up in an environment, in which English is an official language, but not commonly spoken; if you have learned English in your primary or secondary education; or if English was only part of your academic education.