B 2. Summary: What to keep in mind about Admission and Enrollment?

After being accepted by our Abbe School of Photonics selection committee, your documents will be reviewed by the University’s central admission office (Master Service Center). For this, you will be sent an email to inform you about what is necessary to enroll at our university. You will need the Abbe School of Photonics acceptance letter for Visa applications, and the Friedrich Schiller University’s admission letter for your enrollment upon your arrival. But don’t worry about all this information now: more details will be provided via email to guide you through this process!

After you have received both letters and sent all the documents which were requested, you are ready to start your studies in Jena. You will be issued your student ID card and finally become a full-scale student. This final process is called Enrollment. This is usually done exclusively in person. However, in accordance with our University’s current Covid-19 regulations, this process is now managed via postal service.

In conclusion, first you must be accepted by the selection committee, who will assess your qualifications. Then, you will be admitted by the Central University Administration (Master Service Center), who will check your application documents for completeness. Finally, if all necessary documents are complete, you can enroll in person at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and become a "Master of Science in Photonics" student.