B 4. Which documents should I prepare for my application?

We understand that the application procedure asks for a lot of data and documents, and we thank you very much for your efforts. This information is generally required for the application/enrollment to German universities.

These are the mandatory documents for the application:

If available, you might also wish to submit these voluntary documents:

  • Passport photo
  • Language proficiency certificates of other foreign languages
  • References from former employments
  • Professional qualifications

If you apply for an Abbe School of Photonics scholarship, please read the corresponding FAQ question.

The Abbe School of Photonics works on the acceptance and admission process together with other offices within the university. Therefore, we need you to upload your documents in separate files in order to distribute them among the offices and committees responsible for your acceptance, admission, enrollment, and services at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena without violating your privacy. For example, your Letter of Motivation is only of interest to our Selection Committee, your passport only to the International Office, etc. Providing these documents separately in individual files is necessary for your process of acceptance, admission, and enrollment and it helps speed up the process for you.

Please note: All documents need to be digitalized and, with the exception of the passport photo, provided as a PDF document, preferably in black & white or grey scale with a maximum of 5 MB file size each. If documents are not issued in English or German, a certified translation is needed as well.
Please note: An incomplete application file will not be processed. Similarly, providing us with incorrect data may also lead to a retrospective refusal.