C 4. Are there financial requirements for my Visa-application?

For your visa you need to prove that you have sufficient financial resources for your studies. You will receive specific instructions when you apply for your visa at the appropriate consulate or embassy. However, here are 4 ways to provide such proof:

  1. You receive a scholarship and provide proof of it.
  2. If you can cover your living expenses with your own funds (e.g., savings), you can provide proof of this with an account statement, for instance. Your bank or embassy should normally accept a bond.
  3. You may also submit a letter of financial support from a person you know, e.g., family member or friend, which declares that this person will financially support you.
  4. In some exceptional cases, the German embassy or consulate may require a specified amount to be paid into a blocked access bank account so as to ensure financial security for the initial period of the applicant's stay in Germany. You remit a default amount at a German bank. The bank will block this credit voucher for your stay abroad. During your stay you will have access to this money. Please note that the Abbe School of Photonics is not allowed to assist you with opening such an account.

You can find more information about the living expenses in Germany here.