C 5. Is it necessary to have a German health insurance?

All students in Germany are unexceptionally required to have a health insurance that meets the requirements of German law. Students are required to be insured at a German statutory health insurance carrier from the first day of their first semester (i.e., beginning October 1st for winter term; regardless of date of arrival). The university will not accept any private travel or emergency insurances as proof of insurance. There is a reduced student fee, which generally applies to all students under 31 years of age. Different regulations apply for students over 31 or with children (contact your coordinator). Abbe School of Photonics will assist you to find a suitable health insurance upon your arrival.

If you are a citizen of the European Union and have a health insurance in your home country, you should ask your health insurance for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or the form E 111.
Please note: Your journey to Jena and the days before your enrollment will not be covered. We strongly advise you to take out a travel insurance policy.