Q2. How do I get a MOODLE course for my lecture?

Once your course appears in Friedolin, click the edit pen symbol, find the E-Learning tab and activate MOODLE, like shown here. Please note that for one teaching module (e.g. lecture plus seminars) only one MOODLE registration is necessary. Then, click "save".

After synchronization of the Friedolin databases (every 24 hours), you will receive an email notification confirming that your course has been created. If you now log in at moodle.uni-jena.de, your course appears at "my courses", and you are automatically gained editing rights.

In case that you receice an error code like "You cannot enroll yourself in this course", something went wrong concerning the Friedolin synchronization. In that case we encourage you to write a short message to . Thomas Kaiser can manually set your rights or solve the issue in cooperation with the FSU MOODLE administration team.