Nature photonics art cover in 2021.

Q&A with a Nature editor 2021

The workshop was part of the regular Colloquium of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.
Nature photonics art cover in 2021.
Image: Nature Photonics.

Scientific publishing is an integral part of the scientific endeavor. The number of publications has increased steadily over the last years due to a metrics-driven‘ publish-or-perish’ culture and an increase in research funding in certain countries. At Nature, we strive to filter only the most significant advances and to communicate their impact to abroad audience – beyond the specialized community. Our assessment of significance is based on objective criteria, but our final decisions are not devoid of subjectivity. As our editorial decision can be controversial, I will present the editorial process behind these decisions and will be happy to answer any related questions. I will also briefly introduce the different journals in the Nature Portfolio and might give some advice on writing a paper in ‘Nature-style’.

The workshop took place on December 13, 2021, online and was offered by Dr. Tobias Rödel.