All prospective students in the Master's degree program can apply for the following scholarships:

ASP scholarships from the Federal Government of Germany

International students wishing to obtain a Master's degree at the Abbe School of Photonics at the FSU Jena can apply for scholarships granted from the County of Thuringia. Scholarships are granted either for one year (half-scholarship) or for the entire two-year Master's degree program time period and comprise a stipend of 800 Euro per month. The scholarships also include language courses. Approximately 10 scholarships are available per year. German students cannot apply for a photonics scholarship since these scholarships are exclusively for international students

To apply, please use the online application system of the Abbe School of Photonics. Further information about required documents can be found in this online application system.

>> Online Application System

Please note: To apply for a scholarship at the Abbe School of Photonics, it is not necessary to submit certified copies (as a hard copy in paper form) of the above-mentioned documents. However upon acceptance, students will be asked to send certified copies via post. When documents are to be uploaded, only documents in pdf format are acceptable.

  • Scholarship application deadlines: These are the same as those for admission to the Master's degree program in Photonics at the FSU Jena.
  • Scholarships for Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian applicants: Since the certificate from the Academic Evaluation Centres is not required for the scholarship application, you can send this document later, i.e. upon acceptance to the program. However, the certificate of the Academic Evaluation Centres will in most cases be required to get admission to the Master's degree program.

German scholarships (Deutschlandstipendien)

All students who are either

  • already in Jena, are enrolled at the Master's degree program in Photonics and have received their first university transcript, or
  • are admitted for studies within the Master's degree program in Photonics for the upcoming academic year

may also apply for a German scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium). Thus, you may apply for this kind of scholarship at an early stage of your photonics studies, even from abroad. Awardees with prospects of excellent study results will receive financial support of 300 € per month for a duration of at least one year. For more information, and to raise your chances for being awarded this kind of scholarship, please contact the ASP administration team.

>> Deutschlandstipendium website of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
>> Flyer on the Deutschlandstipendium issued by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Scholarships for students from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan

The European-Russian Academic Network Plus (Eranet Plus) is built upon the solid foundation of the Eranet-Mundus project. The objectives of the project are to create lasting associations between Russian higher education institutions and the European higher education institutions and to establish strong ties and mobility flows.

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