Conference by the Leibniz-IPHT Jena

"EurAsia Conference on Nanophotonics 2020"

Internation conference

06.04.2020 06:00pm
Leibniz-IPHT, Albert-Einstein-Str. 9, 07745 Jena

EurAsian Conference of Nanophotonics (EACON) is a biannual conference organized by Leibniz IPHT under the framework of the events series “Biophotonics4Future”. EACON aims at promoting the collaboration in nanophotonics among interdisciplinary leading scientists from European and Asian countries.

The partner countries of EACON 2020 are Germany and Taiwan. Leading experts from both countries are invited to Jena, the cradle of the European optics and photonics industries and an international hotspot of modern microscopy and optics. EACON 2020 promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between outstanding scientists in the fields of chemistry, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, and photonics. Leading scientists will get together to present the most recent advances in their research and establish collaborations with international partners. 26 talks will be given by invited speakers and thirty posters will be selected from the submitted abstracts. The overall number of attendees is limited to 50 to ensure high-quality discussion and interaction.

Key Facts

• April 6-9, 2020
• Leibniz-IPHT, Jena, Germany
• Partner country: Taiwan
• 50 international participants
• 26 scientific talks
• Poster Exhibition
• Company Talks
• Networking Events

The theme of EACON 2020: Chemistry, Materials, and Nanotechnologies for Nanophotonics
Light-matter interaction can be manipulated by controlling the condition of light and the properties of matter. Advances in modern chemistry, material sciences and nanotechnologies offer the opportunity to create artificial matters with atomic to nanometer-scale features, which enable optical responses beyond the capability of natural materials. To understand the fundamentals and explore new application opportunities of light-matter interaction, interdisciplinary scientists must exchange their knowledge and join their efforts to overcome current technical barriers. During EACON 2020, leading scientists in chemistry, advanced materials, and nanooptics will present their latest research advances and establish collaboration with interdisciplinary and international collaborators to address the challenges in Nanophotonics.