Lecture by Prof. Wenshan Cai (ACP/ASP guest professor, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA)

"Manipulation of Light Waves with Optical Metamaterials"

ACP guest professor lecture

16.03.2018 02:00pm
ACP auditorium, Albert-Einstein-Str. 6, 07745 Jena

Nanostructured metals have provided us with a unique opportunity to manipulate light in an unconventional manner. Collectively, subwavelength metallic structures serve as building blocks for optical metamaterials with properties that were not observed or even speculated about in the past. This is a very exciting frontier in optics and materials science, with the promising goal of yielding better solar cells, faster computer chips, ultrasensitive biochemical detectors, and even invisible devices. In this talk I will provide a general description of metamaterials in the optical regime, include early demonstrations of the first magnetic metamaterial across the entire visible spectrum, the world’s first negative-index material at optical frequencies, and exotic behaviors associated with the wave mixing of light when the nonlinear media possess unconventional material parameters.