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ASP and their partners are organizing a thrilling and inspiring program throughout the whole year, including international conferences and workshops, keynote lectures, and research group seminars.
Campus by night
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
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26 Jul 2021
16:00 · Lecture
Second-order nonlinear frequency generation in nanostructured surfaces
Defense of doctoral thesis by Franz Löchner (IAP Jena)
11 Aug 2021
10:00 · Workshop
Crashkurs: Stellenanzeigen suchen und analysieren
Bewerbungscrashkurs – Teil 1
25 Aug 2021
10:00 · Workshop
Crashkurs: Social Media
Bewerbungscrashkurs – Teil 2
1 Sep 2021 – 3 Sep 2021
DoKDoK-lite 2021
9th doctoral conference on optics and photonics - in Jena!
5 Sep 2021 – 10 Sep 2021
DPG Physics School "Applied Photonics"
Supported by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Foundation at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef
6 Sep 2021 – 8 Sep 2021
ICON Virtual 2021
3rd International Conference on Nanoscopy. ICON is intended as a specialized platform in which scientists, both developers and...
8 Sep 2021
10:00 · Workshop
Crashkurs: Anschreiben
Bewerbungscrashkurs – Teil 3
12 Sep 2022 – 14 Sep 2022
ESULaB 2022
European Symposium on Ultrafast Laser driven Biophotonics - coming soon!

Almost all events are also available online and open to the public, the locations are as follows:

  • The auditorium and the two seminar rooms of the Abbe Center of Photonics are located in the foyer area on the ground floor of the building, Campus Beutenberg, Albert-Einstein-Straße 6, 07745 Jena.
  • The meeting rooms 106, 207 and 306 are located on the upper floors of the Abbe Center of Photonics according to the first digit of their number. External guests should take the public staircase from the foyer area and ring the bell at the individual doors to the meeting areas or call the secretary's office on the phones at the building's entrances (dial 47561).
  • The Carl Zeiss seminar room of the Fraunhofer Institute Jena is located at Campus Beutenberg, Albert-Einstein-Straße 7, 07745 Jena.
  • The seminar room of the Institute of Applied Physics is located at the yellow part of the institute building on the first floor, Campus Beutenberg, Albert-Einstein-Straße 15, 07745 Jena.
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