Seminar by Dr. Guiseppe Marzio (former scientist-turned-strategic storyteller)

"Funded! An introduction to storytelling for researchers"

Online seminar for upcoming scientists

30.11.2020 11:00am
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Funded! An introduction to storytelling for researchers

Many scientific innovations fail not because the science isn't right but because they don't get attention and funding. Why is it so hard to pitch science? And what does it take to create an irresistible fundraising story?

About me: I am a scientist and founder of a communications company called Chiaro – which is Italian for clear and brilliant. We are known for our Strategic Storytelling Accelerator, a training program for CEOs of Health & Life Science startups preparing for fundraising. Over 100 CEOs have already followed our program and raised more than 170 million euros. We also work for leading healthcare organizations, from academia to biotech to big pharma. The world needs brilliant science to solve our most significant health problems. At Chiaro, we train leaders who want to be heard, grow a successful business, and make the world a healthier place.