Study Program

  The program comprises four educational stages:

  • Stage I: Adjustment. This stage provides students with the necessary background knowledge in optics, structure of matter and in condensed matter physics.

  • Stage II: Fundamentals. This stage provides students with a solid background in the following important topics dealing with optics and photonics: laser physics, optical metrology and optical design. It also provides hands-on experience in the optical laboratory.

  • Stage III: Specialization. This stage allows students to acquire specialized knowledge selected from about 20 advanced courses.

  • Stage IV: Practical photonics training and Master's degree thesis. An 8-week industrial internship is scheduled for each student after the second semester of study. According to their specialization, students perform a nine-month research project based on a current topic of research. At the end of the program, the students carry out an advanced scientific laboratory course in photonics and document their results in a Master's degree thesis.

 The Master's degree program is complemented by German and English language courses as well as ASP training courses provided by internationally renowned guest professors.