Winter school 2013



KD OptiMi
established the Graduate Research Schools "Optical Microsystem Technology (OMiTec)" and "Green Photonics", which are integrated into the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ilmenau and into the Abbe School of Photonics Jena. The qualification concept is based on interdisciplinarity, intense introduction and advanced training; the graduate work phase includes industrial environment.


The Winter School 2012/2013 will awake the entrepreneurial spirit of the researchers. Based on the discourse about selfemployment in January 2012, now other aspects should round out the image: a personal confrontation with the job prospects in the existing labor market offers the course "Who knows ways, may choose". The seminar on "Copyright and Related Rights" is intended to provide ways of thinking about how to utilize research results at best, because starting a business can also be based on a patent. However, in many cases further research and accordingly further fund raising are required. The essentials for a successful proposal will be analyzed in the course "Grant Acquisition". Creativity is not only in research but also in the formulation of proposals and patent claims of distress. Here,"Creativity Techniques" provide solution sets, because creativity can be learned! 


Grant Acquisition - How to produce a winning proposal!

More and more researchers need to raise money for their research projects. But where to find funding bodies and how to convince them? This workshop provides an overview about main funding schemes and a chance to learn the practical skills in putting a winning proposal together. It will illustrate the process by the example of the European Union's 7th Framework Programme (FP7) for Research which is one of the major areas of EU spending. The skills acquired are transferable to other types of programmes supporting research. The course is therefore particularly valuable for young career researchers. The workshop will cover in a compact, but nevertheless practical form the background knowledge needed to prepare a good proposal and to acquire research funding.


December 5th, 2012

TU Ilmenau


Who knows ways, may choose - How physicists can orientate in a market full of opportunities


Physicists, especially if they are application-oriented, meet a very open market. In addition to universities and other research institutions, industrial companies in almost every sector are looking for the best talents. Besides, the consulting industry lures with attractive perspectives and ideas for your own business creation. The young graduates do not care about a job driving. However, they face the choice of what suits them and how they can protect themselves from mistakes and disappointments. Concerning a job change in a short time, the labor market is quite flexible. However, in case that a candidate showed too many deviations in his or her young career, he or she is considered uncertain and loses much appeal, regardless of the qualification. Such a development can be prevented if one asks the right questions before the first professional decision and consciously chooses among different offers.

December 13th, 2012

FSU Jena


Copyright and Related Rights

The seminar's emphases lie on

  • Technology transfer from university - the rocky road to a further processing,
  • Get started - European and international research funding for graduate students and postdocs,
  • Scientific and technical legal protection for research at universities.

The single discourses of the workshop demonstrate the possible spectrum from the scientific knowledge to the application of it, but without going into details of a business start-up. Instead, the options of re-use in the (funded) research and commercial application will be presented as equal alternatives. In order to enable the utilization of the own knowledge, an introduction to issues of scientific and technological legal protection will also be given.

December 17th, 2012

FSU Jena


Creativity Techniques

This workshop introduces the concept of the terms "creativity, thinking techniques and blockades", and offers the possibility to learn about adjunctive methods, like Brainstorming, Brain writing, Mind Mapping, 6-Hats Method, intuition, Creative Writing, Bisociation, Osborn Method, Inversion Method. In addition, practical exercises to support learning gain are offered (self-reflection, role playing, feedback methods experiment). Adequate accompanyning materials for visualization will be provided.

December 19th, 2012

FSU Jena


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